It’s Oats Time!

We’ll be the first to admit that this beautiful weather is scary – as in, when will the other shoe drop so we will be reminded this is only mid-March.

But field work started today on preparing the ground for oats planting.  And, WE FILLED OUT OUR BRACKETS FOR THE NCAA TOURNAMENT!  GO CREIGHTON  — GO ISU!

Thoughts on Our Store!

We’re progressing quite well with the store. 

What store, you ask?  To be called FARM SWEET FARM this building is a combination of a retail area, expanded meat freezer storage, and a commercial kitchen.  It is located RIGHT ON OUR FARM!  How cool is that????

We look for the building to be open sometime in early summer.  And, we’re so excited about it – we just can’t wait!  Our goal is to provide the best quality of goods and services along with selling our already WONDERFUL MEATS AND POPCORN! 

Stay tuned!

Strange Weather!

This should be the season for bitterly cold weather, snow on the ground, ice on the sidewalks, icicles hanging from the roof!  Here, in the center of the U.S. I have lettuce sprouting in my rock garden of all places.  Go away climate change!  Bring back the true winter weather!


I will bet I’m the only one in the neighborhood whose tree still isn’t up and whose home hasn’t Christmas decorations inside.  I intend to complete this sooner that last year – that amounted to the tree and a limited number of decorations put up just a few days shy of December 25.

There’s a wonderful excuse for this!  We’ve been busy putting orders for meat and popcorn so OTHERS can have a fun holiday!  Just call us for more information about what ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS can do for your gift giving!

We’ve been especially busy with the construction of our retail store that’s going up on our farm.  Ron and our sons have spent some long DAYS creating a “western” style porch.  Now we’re waiting on our plumber and electrician (hope it won’t be a loooooooong wait) to come and do their thing.  Oye!

Are You Dreaming POPCORN?

We are!  Yesterday Ron and I finished harvesting our 12- acre plot of popcorn and it looks GREAT!  Haven’t tried ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ popcorn?  Tsk tsk tsk….  It’s available from us at the farm and at Wheatsfield in Ames and Campbell’s Nutrition Center in Des Moines.  And, if you’re cheering on the Harlan Community Cyclones’ teams, you can enjoy it there for both their football games and the indoor sporting events at the school! 

Jeez Louise, It’s Windy!

Just returned from the Homecoming Parade for Harlan Community Schools!  A wind-blown parade that featured a summer employee of ours – this year’s HCHS homecoming king Greg Conry!  Mark and Maria got to see our neighbors march in the middle school and high school bands!  What fun! 

If only it could rain to settle the wind and the dust!