Organic Beef and Pork

Rosmann Family Farms’ home raised meats are harvested at Amend Packing Company in Des Moines, Iowa. All meat is USDA inspected and is USDA certified organic through the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

We offer the following products: (All cuts are based on product availability)


Ground Beef – 1 lb packages – 85% lean

Stew meat – 1 lb packages – Ideal for kabobs


Roasts – All roasts are boneless
Arm Roasts – 2-3 lb packages
Inside Round/Eye of Round Roasts – 2-3 lb packages – Seamless cuts, trimmed well, good for deli sandwiches
Chuck Roasts – 2-3 lb packages


Steaks – Steaks are 8 oz. each, two per package, and are boneless

New York Strip


New York style cut Spare Ribs

Flank Steak



Oxtails – Great for soup


Half an animal is also available


3/4″ Pork Chops

Smoked Side Pork – Use like bacon and season to your liking

Shoulder Roast

Loin Roast

Ground Pork – 1 lb packages

Spare Ribs

Bratwurst – 4 links per package

Breakfast Seasoned Sausage

Pork Cutlets

A half or whole hog is also available


Sorry, we don’t offer shipping for meat at this time!