Amend Packing Company

ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS beef products are harvested at Amend Packing, Des Moines, which is owned by Kent and Amy Wiese.  A multi-generation facility (Conrad Amend opened his first meat shop four years after the close of the Civil War) Amend Packing Company is federally-inspected and certified organic.  We are thrilled to have them as our processors!

 Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie is the meat division of the Organic Valley Cooperative.  Some of Ron and Maria’s cattle and hogs are processed under their label.  You haven’t enjoyed organic milk until you’ve had ORGANIC VALLEY’S MILK!

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Practical Farmers of Iowa has a special place in the Rosmann’s hearts.  Ron is honored to have been one of a group of like-minded individuals who decided years ago (25+) that profitable, environmentally-sound farming was achievable!  Helping to organize the group into existance, he has also served as a board member and board president.  The Rosmanns have conducted on-farm research trials with PFI for many years and annually host on-farm field days where individuals can see practical applications at work.  (Check out the PFI website for a listing of the 2011 field days statewide). 

Center for Rural Affairs

Under the direction of Chuck Hassebrook and an extraordinary staff, the Center for Rural Affairs, Lyons, Neb., is a testament to the fact that rural America, and all it has to offer, is not a thing of the past.  The Center continues to be a strong force in rural development and preservation of the family farm.

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The Leopold Center, based in Ames, Iowa, has made a tremendous impact on agriculture.  Underway now is a HUGE initiative involving local foods issues.  Cheers to the Leopold Center for this endeavor!  (The Rosmanns were humble recipients of the Leopold Center Spencer Award in 2006).

 Organic Farming Research Foundation

OFRF, based in Santa Cruz, California,  is an organization dedicated to organic research, education and outreach projects both nationally and world-wide.  Ron’s seven years on the board, both as a board member and board president, were inspiring ones for him.  Happy Retirement, BOB SCOWCROFT!