How to Purchase

There are a variety of ways to purchase ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ MEATS, POULTRY AND POPCORN.
They include:

*From the farm. We’re located in Shelby County, Iowa. Directions: From the Intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 44 in Harlan, go two miles west on Highway 44, then turn right (north) on Ironwood Road and go 2 1/4 miles. CALL FIRST so we can discuss your order and have it ready for you!  In the not-so-distant future, you’ll be able to avoid the “call ahead” part and stop at our store!  WHOOPS!  We almost gave the secret away!
*When you come, keep in mind you can buy individual cuts or our specialty packs. The packs are a bit more economical for you and look for them soon on this website!
*You can order a half or whole steer, cut to your specifications. The same is true for half and whole hogs. The buyer pays the carcass weight and is responsible for the processing bill.  
*Chickens will be available for sale (frozen) later in the summer.
*Campbell’s Nutrition Center, 42nd & University, Des Moines.  We’ve been a proud vendor of this business for the past 13 years.  They carry a diverse selection of our product line, including popcorn!

*Wheatsfield Cooperative, in Ames.  This cooperative (we’re members) has been featuring our meat and popcorn line for 13 years as well.  We’ve had the pleasure to meet many of our customers during days when we’re providing samples of our product. 

We’re honored to be part of the Campbell’s and Wheatsfield family of vendors!