It Actually Feels Like Spring Today!

Here it is, the last day of May!  I’m not going to spend time fussing about how lousy the weather has been this month, (it has been crummy) because I want to be outside to enjoy the day!  It’s a BEAUTIFUL DAY, cool, sunny, pleasant, … all the good stuff you can gather into a 24-hour period!

We’ve had a stinky month for weather issues on this farm, but then, who hasn’t?  Yesterday (Memorial Day) it was the wind… all day! 

But, here’s the farm update.  We still have about 60 acres left to plant for soybeans.  It’s hard telling if that can be completed this week.  We’ve been dodging weather issues and working late each night. 

The garden is about half planted.  I wanted to get our transplants into the ground yesterday but decided I did not want them getting attacked by the wind.  We had three tenths of an inch of rain last night, so maybe I can get them in by this afternoon or this evening.

But today!  Today will be the day of all days to savor!  Here’s hoping that wherever you’re at, the weather is just as pleasant.  Sadly, it seems like you have to take those when you can get them.

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