Let’s Talk Coffee-HONDURAN Coffee!

What’s this you ask? Are the Rosmanns venturing into another farming venture? Coffee?

Well, yes and no, but sort of. How’s that for an answer?

This is about our son and brother Mark Rosmann, well into his second year as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. Mark is 25 and is pictured to the right of David and to the left of our dog Casey. He’s been energized to make as much progress as he can as a PC volunteer including taking on projects like community gardens, addressing and solving water quality issues and the construction of an addition to a community’s school.

Here’s where we get to the coffee part! As Mark writes: “The question of latrines in my community of El Aguacatal is dire. Never in the entire history of the community has there been functioning latrines in all the homes. Because of poor drainage and soil conditions, the majority of latrines become full during the rainy season and are ruined. For this, people lack proper hygiene and sanitation and diseases in the community have persisted. This project (to be completed in April) will focus on properly constructing and repairing 63 latrines in the community where they are lacking.”

Daniel and Ellen (see wedding photo to your right) spent their honeymoon in Honduras visiting Mark. In an effort to aid Mark’s community, the offer was extended to financially help with the completion of a project for the proper installation and repair of these latrines. So they brought home coffee from Mark’s community members. Grown in the mountains of the National Wildlife Refuge of Corralitos this coffee has a strong dark flavor and was toasted by his community members on their wood burning stoves—the best quality coffee in Honduras!

WANT SOME? Mark is asking $10 for 1/lb., and $6 for 1/2 lb. We’ll get it to you with no handling charges (unless you wish to kick in extra for it).

Mark’s community add lots of sugar to the coffee as it is really strong. We prefer mixing it with our own decaf blend to reduce the amount of kick to it. We’ll provide this opportunity until the supply runs out.

As Mark says: I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy a taste of Honduras and the fruits of labor in our community!

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