Goodbye Barney

This part of our webpage that promotes organic meat and popcorn and sustainable living is taking a moment to say goodbye to the patriarch of our Westphalia community. Barney Zimmerman passed away on Thursday. If you didn’t know this man, you missed out on a cool experience. He lived to be 96. He had at least one (and if I remember correctly two) golfing holes in one! They came well into his retirement years.

But there was much more to him than golfing. Wonderful fellow, a family farmer whose sons are carrying on that legacy with their families and a God-fearing and God-loving gentleman. His wife just recently passed leaving our dear friends Paul and Arlene without loving parents and super in-laws. With this posting I wanted to be able to call attention to a life well served in the presence of God, community and the soil he faithfully tended.

The funeral service is tomorrow. A little bit of Westphalia is now a part of its history. We’re all saddened.

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