Today way supposed to be the day that Ron and I would blitz and put our early garden in.  Today was also the day that storms and rain and tornadoes and all sorts of stinky weather came.  However, we (so far) only got the rain. 

Tomorrow, we’re under a day-long wind advisory.  We’ll see what happens.  Thank goodness we didn’t get storms! (Yet)


The really avid gardeners in our area are boasting about getting their crop in.  We here at Rosmann Family Farms are willing to procrastinate a wee bit in that area.  However, those days are numbered!  Tomorrow (Saturday) might be the big day for us.  Carrots, beets, lettuce for sure along with other greens.  And, the horseradish roots will go in tomorrow. 

A note on horseradish…… My folks always had it in their Sioux City garden.  I remember the bold, distinctive “fragrance” when the mature roots were ground.  And coupled with Rosmann Family Farms’ beef………  Mmmmm

Look for the horseradish to be available at the Rosmann “Farm Sweet Farm” store this fall!