As I write this, it’s the day before Father’s Day.  Ron and I both lost our fathers and the pain of loss doesn’t go away with time.  Both men were gems and we were lucky to have them as dads. 

There’s a good feeling we’re getting this weekend knowing that our meat and popcorn products will be part of quite a few Father’s Day cookouts and gatherings!  Folks who have made purchases for dads to enjoy later, and others who have told us they will host their dads for a meal… well, this certainly makes us feel proud! 

My dad, the late John Vakulskas, Sr., was the expert griller in our household and he took that position very seriously.  He would always mention that the steaks or burgers tasted better because they came from the Rosmanns!  As little children, our sons would beam with pride when he said that because the combination of a quality meat product AND a skilled griller made for a tasty meal.  My sister Jan took over grilling duties at the family home when dad passed.  She’s very good.  So good that I never even learned how to operate that grill!  Seriously!

In our household, Ron is the expert griller.  True to form, I don’t know how to run our grill, nor am I interested in learning!  Like my mom, I provide quality (I hope) “indoor” meals, Ron or George Forman can fill in the gaps. 

But as much as I love my husband, as fine a father as he’s been to our sons, I still contend no one can beat my dad for expertise on the coals.  Rest in peace dad and know that we will always love you.