If you have a dog, and you really love that dog, then you know your dog is “Number One” in the canine world.

Look to your right among our family photos and you’ll find Casey, our sweetie!  And, for the most part,  she’s perfect, except when she gets into trouble, and those are usually minor infractions.

Casey came to us via the Kalona Sale Barn for what seems like many years ago.  Someone with young children purchased her at auction, but found a young puppy and young children in a city home was a bit much.  Long story short, we bought her from that family and it’s been a great ride since.

Casey’s not a house dog, but she came housebroken which was an added plus.  She grew to love activity, following the boys, and Ron and Maria wherever they went on the farm.  She initially had her share of mishaps, (getting hit by a truck on the road – that cured her of being near the road) and getting kicked by a cow while trying to herd it.  She’s now shy around cattle, but does a good job of guarding gates and she loves to work with the guys on sorting pigs. 

Casey’s photo has appeared in the London (as in England) Times from a political event that occurred on our farm.  She was far more interesting that the politician!

Casey and Maria’s mom are best buds!  The two bonded when Maria’s mother, (Mary Vakulskas from Sioux City, Iowa) came to the farm for an extended stay following hip surgery.  Casey could sense compassion coming from Mary, particularly in the form of her cane.  Mary would (and still does) use her cane for a gentle massage of Casey’s back.  Most times it occurs when Casey lays down on the sidewalk right in front of Mary as she’s trying to get into the house!  Casey, the therapy dog…….

David will come from Minneapolis this Easter and it is a joy to witness them greet one another.  Casey gets all excited when he arrives and then literally sad when it becomes time for him to leave.  When Mark (Peace Corps in Honduras) comes home, it’s the same scenerio – absolute excitement. 

So there you have it, a brief history of our dog.  I write this in the A.M. hours after a full night of sleep.  Sometimes we’re not that lucky.  Sometimes, more like oftentimes, Casey thinks she has to protect us from “hidden prey” – A.K.A.  – coyotes, badgers, raccoons, etc.  Then she barks and barks and barks all night.  But we love her and try to keep her awake  during the day SO WE CAN GET SOME SLEEP AT NIGHT.


Well, that headline should have your attention!

You’ll see a section on our webpage for recipes from me, (Maria).  What’s been put in to date are recipes that were from my mother and grandmother and those I’ve discovered. 

No recipe will be added unless it’s been tried, and liked! 

Keeping with the theme, the newest listing for recipes is one TO DIE FOR!  Maria found it in a cookbook featuring slow cooker recipes.  It was wonderful, the meat was juicy (of course it was, it was ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ MEAT!!!!) and the leftovers are like we served it first run! 

Even if you’re not a big sauerkraut fan (we love it in this household) keep in mind that the ingredients all work in harmony to bring out the flavor of the meat. 

This is one of the better slow cooker recipes I’ve tried.  You’ll love it!

And, as always, thank you for your support of organic agriculture and ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS!