We don’t know what’s your household is like, but here at ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS the month of March is a hectic one! We’re calving right now with moms delivering left and right, or north and south. We have 500+ baby pigs running around and happy as can be. Planting for oats may begin by the end of this week.


………IT’S ALL ABOUT BASKETBALL, THE NCAA TOURNAMENT and the SPIRITED rivalry among our family regarding bracket selections. For many years, Ron, Maria, David, Daniel and Mark have made bracket selections for the men’s tournament. As our family has grown, that now includes Ellen’s selections. Mark, in the Peace Corps in Honduras, scanned his selections and emailed them. David in Minnesota mailed his to us, and we in turn mailed ours to him. Trust within the family is thrown to the wind during the tournament. Verify, verify, verify…….

Maria and Ellen took an early lead for highest numbers of winning teams selected. This was due in large part to their broad-based study and careful deliberation. Ron and the guys seemed to depend on their allegiance to the Big 12. All in all, it’s fun and Maria says she can’t even recall who she has in the Final Four! Probably means she’ll win!

And, remember the posting about the State of Iowa 3-A basketball tournament? Maria’s alma mater, Bishop Heelan Catholic High School in Sioux City, came out on top!!!!!!!



Can’t understand the headline? Read on, and it will make perfect sense.

If you passed the road by ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS this winter, you probably were treated to an awesome sight! Dozens and dozens of pheasants spent their winter with us. At any given time you could find them roosting in the four acres of trees just east of our house, hanging out on the road or north in the orchard grove, or sometimes, when it was really cold and snowy, just outside our kitchen window.

If you’ve never heard the sounds a pheasant makes, then add that to your bucket list of “music” to experience. A pheasant is a magnificent speciman of beauty and their “voices” have always warmed our souls. You’ll hear them before you see them which makes it even more inspiring.

So, trading places? Who’s trading places with whom? Well, finally it’s warmed up, the snow is gone, the temperature continues to climb and the robins are back, with great gusto! Soon, they will be joined by the wrens and all the species of birds whose “home” address matches ours. HOORAY!

Come out to ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS on any given spring/summer/fall day at 5:00 am (actually, please don’t!) and you’ll hear a symphony of song from the various species of birds. They are welcomed guests who put smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts.

Let’s Talk Coffee-HONDURAN Coffee!

What’s this you ask? Are the Rosmanns venturing into another farming venture? Coffee?

Well, yes and no, but sort of. How’s that for an answer?

This is about our son and brother Mark Rosmann, well into his second year as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. Mark is 25 and is pictured to the right of David and to the left of our dog Casey. He’s been energized to make as much progress as he can as a PC volunteer including taking on projects like community gardens, addressing and solving water quality issues and the construction of an addition to a community’s school.

Here’s where we get to the coffee part! As Mark writes: “The question of latrines in my community of El Aguacatal is dire. Never in the entire history of the community has there been functioning latrines in all the homes. Because of poor drainage and soil conditions, the majority of latrines become full during the rainy season and are ruined. For this, people lack proper hygiene and sanitation and diseases in the community have persisted. This project (to be completed in April) will focus on properly constructing and repairing 63 latrines in the community where they are lacking.”

Daniel and Ellen (see wedding photo to your right) spent their honeymoon in Honduras visiting Mark. In an effort to aid Mark’s community, the offer was extended to financially help with the completion of a project for the proper installation and repair of these latrines. So they brought home coffee from Mark’s community members. Grown in the mountains of the National Wildlife Refuge of Corralitos this coffee has a strong dark flavor and was toasted by his community members on their wood burning stoves—the best quality coffee in Honduras!

WANT SOME? Mark is asking $10 for 1/lb., and $6 for 1/2 lb. We’ll get it to you with no handling charges (unless you wish to kick in extra for it).

Mark’s community add lots of sugar to the coffee as it is really strong. We prefer mixing it with our own decaf blend to reduce the amount of kick to it. We’ll provide this opportunity until the supply runs out.

As Mark says: I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy a taste of Honduras and the fruits of labor in our community!

Happy Birthday Ron!

March 1 is a big day at ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS! It’s Ron’s birthday and the start of busy month for us. Getting the garden seeds ordered, planning the layout of the garden are a big part of the month. The seed catalogs are such a temptation with their beautiful layouts!

For the beef, pork and popcorn side of our business, March is busy. It’s the time when people can get their hands on ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ BEEF BRISKET in time for their St. Patrick’s Day dinners! Reserve yours now!

Hope your March will come in like a lamb and exit like a lamb. We’re all looking forward to a warm, dry (when appropriate) spring!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RON and thank you for your support of organic agriculture and ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS!