Cheer and Eat Popcorn – Lots of Popcorn!

The gymnasium at Harlan Community High School is the hub for lots of activity and for lots of activities! While you’re at HCHS cheering on your favorite sports teams stop by the concession stand and try the awesome popcorn. Yep, it’s ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ CERTIFIED ORGANIC POPCORN being featured this semester at HCHS! Thanks to the folks at Harlan Community Schools for their support of our business.

Ron – Class of 1968
David – Class of 2000
Daniel – Class of 2002
Mark – Class of 2004
Ellen Walsh-Rosmann (Class of 2004, Valley Community High School-Elgin, IA)

Maria Vakulskas Rosmann – Bishop Heelan High School, Class of 1971
(Heelan is now an arch rival of Harlan so we walk a fine line in this household!!! )

Goodbye Barney

This part of our webpage that promotes organic meat and popcorn and sustainable living is taking a moment to say goodbye to the patriarch of our Westphalia community. Barney Zimmerman passed away on Thursday. If you didn’t know this man, you missed out on a cool experience. He lived to be 96. He had at least one (and if I remember correctly two) golfing holes in one! They came well into his retirement years.

But there was much more to him than golfing. Wonderful fellow, a family farmer whose sons are carrying on that legacy with their families and a God-fearing and God-loving gentleman. His wife just recently passed leaving our dear friends Paul and Arlene without loving parents and super in-laws. With this posting I wanted to be able to call attention to a life well served in the presence of God, community and the soil he faithfully tended.

The funeral service is tomorrow. A little bit of Westphalia is now a part of its history. We’re all saddened.

Give your Valentine a Cozy Organic Meal!

RIGHT! Here at ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS we think romance and showing someone you love them should be practiced every day of the year! However, if you’re looking for that quiet, cozy way to treat your loved one on Valentine’s Day, consider a meal, prepared by you (or prepared together), featuring ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS beef or pork. Beef filet mignon or any of our own signature steaks including New York Strip, Ribeye or Top Sirloin will make for a memorable meal. Top it off with a great DVD movie and ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS’ popcorn!

Try a different recipe or cook together! Our beef stew meat OR pork cutlets makes for an awesome stir fry.

Ron and Maria always stay in for Valentine’s and cook together. This year, it will be a pork stir fry with sauteed vegetables (leek, carrots and celery) and topped off with a movie (Our favorite is “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”). And, for Ron, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without a big bowl of popcorn! (Actually, most nights Ron “celebrates” with a big bowl of popcorn).


It’s February Already?

Oh my goodness! It’s time to turn the calendar on a new month! Today at ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS looks a lot like yesterday only it’s colder and more snow is blowing around. Things could be worse – we’re not in Missouri and points north east that are supposed to receive ice along with snow.

But it’s warm in the farrowing nursery where our two to three day-old baby pigs are squirming around and getting acquainted with their new brothers, sisters and multiple cousins. We’ve farrowed 150+ of them since Sunday night. They’re healthy, avid eaters and downright cute. For this farrowing, six sows remain to “come in.”

Stay tuned and stay warm!