Baby Alert!!!!!

Letting you know that on Friday, December 7, the Rosmann men and I became a daddy, grandpa, uncles and grandma.  Daniel and Ellen became the parents of a delightfully cute 7 lb. 13 oz. son whom they named Xavier Francis.  The new family is doing well as are the Rosmann grandparents, Uncle David and Uncle Mark!

Celebrating THIS Small Business

Thank you to all who attended our grand opening for FARM SWEET FARM.  Hundreds of people came and got to see what we offer! 

We are honored to invite you to the farm this Friday and Saturday, the 23rd and 24th of November.  Friday, from 9-5 and Saturday from 9-4, we’ll be open to celebrate our small business.  You’ve no doubt heard that this Saturday is observed as “Small Business Saturday.”  We’re proud to open our doors to you for the holidays and to share with you various samples of our merchandise.  Come for fellowship, come for fun, come for good eats and samples, and leave in a festive holiday spirit.

We have hundreds of items that would make fun and meaningful gifts including many that were made or developed by folks here in Shelby County.   Hope you can come!

AND, AS ALWAYS, we at ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS thank you immensely for your support of Maria’s dream with the FARM SWEET FARM store.

Wow, It’s Been Awhile!

My last post seems like forever ago, and it was.  My excuse?  Excuses?  Many excuses but I’m Baaaaack.”  The store is open and has been for nearly a month!  Farm Sweet Farm store at Rosmann Family Farms wins the “cute” award hands down.  Ron, our family, and hired experts have put together a beautiful, functional and inviting place.  And I had the pleasure and good fortune to be able to decide how to stock it!  We invite you to come and see it.  Complimentary coffee and tea are always available.  The store features our organic beef, pork and popcorn and nearly 500 other items, including Pin Oak Place veggies, local salsas, seasonings and sauces, candles, kitchen ware, craft beer and Iowa  wines, laundry and cleaning products and personal care products, and on and on and on.  Open Wed-Fri. 9 – 5; Saturday 9 – Noon.


The soybeans have been planted, which means (barring any replanting needs) that the 2012  Rosmann crop is officially in the ground.  That includes the garden, too! 

That means it’s back to the huge effort of getting the finishing touches done on the store.  There’s a lot of little things to do to complete this task, but we’re moving along as quickly as we can. 

We’ve been approved of a beer and wine license and are making the final decisions on what to carry.  Have a favorite?  Let us know.  Must be Iowa wines and craft beer.

Like a lot of folks in SW Iowa, we’re begging for rain.  Any amount is appreciated – seems like we’ve been missing what’s been falling all around us!


Today way supposed to be the day that Ron and I would blitz and put our early garden in.  Today was also the day that storms and rain and tornadoes and all sorts of stinky weather came.  However, we (so far) only got the rain. 

Tomorrow, we’re under a day-long wind advisory.  We’ll see what happens.  Thank goodness we didn’t get storms! (Yet)


The really avid gardeners in our area are boasting about getting their crop in.  We here at Rosmann Family Farms are willing to procrastinate a wee bit in that area.  However, those days are numbered!  Tomorrow (Saturday) might be the big day for us.  Carrots, beets, lettuce for sure along with other greens.  And, the horseradish roots will go in tomorrow. 

A note on horseradish…… My folks always had it in their Sioux City garden.  I remember the bold, distinctive “fragrance” when the mature roots were ground.  And coupled with Rosmann Family Farms’ beef………  Mmmmm

Look for the horseradish to be available at the Rosmann “Farm Sweet Farm” store this fall!


That’s right!  Customers of Rosmann Family Farms’ ground beef need to be assured that the ooey, gooey, pink slime additive to ground beef NEVER HAS, AND NEVER WILL be in our beef.  Organic standards forbid it but more importantly, WE AT ROSMANN FAMILY FARMS forbid it!  Ground beef purchased from us and any CERTIFIED organic producer DOES NOT CONTAIN THAT STUFF.  Amen, end of rant! 


That headline is a mix of subjects!  We’re done!  Hooray and cheers and all that good stuff!  Done with the planting of the oats and small grains.  To be finished by the 18th of March is a first for us.  We don’t know whether that is good or not.

Creighton (Maria’s school) and Iowa State (the rest of the Rosmann’s) both were defeated in the second round of play for the NCAA tournament.  Creighton’s loss wasn’t as painful as ISU’s, though. 

Rain is expected tomorrow.  Bring it on!